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Vital info:

Host: Neocities
Creator: Froge, bisexual furry nerd from Canada —
Did 10kB, Degenerates, and Froghand.


If Kratzen saves you six hours you can’t afford to spend, we’ve done our job.

We do reviews of games and other hidden gems. Because we’re so cheap, we only do free games, like the best things in life. What we talk about, simply, is if a game is worth playing. Devs hate us, players love us.

We update every day; there are a lot of games, and we show you the ones worth showing. A good game is one that you don’t regret playing. A bad one makes you wonder why you did. We give you the wheat, and punish the chaff.

Five stars is great. One star is bad, unless you’re into bad. Everything inbetween is all up to you, which is why our reviews help you decide. The worst thing a game can do is waste your time. Same goes for us — so we don’t.

We’re honest because we’re cheap. We don’t owe a thing to what we review, no matter how cruel we seem. In fact, we’re so cheap we’re giving the site away to you. You can plagarise us and we won’t do a thing to stop you.

So if you’re the type of guy, gal, or enbyfriend looking to know if a game’s worth your time, come to us first. We’re short enough to read on the can, and long enough to tell you about these brave new worlds. All digital, of course.

Not to mention, we’re a pretty small magazine. That means we try harder.

With love and respect — Froge.

Oh, and you’ll want to check out the Krazen Manifesto and “What Doth Stars Mean?”.