Proudly presents…

Presenting Frogesay: My NEW Website!

with ♥ from Froge


I made Frogesay.

Here’s the favicon:

The Frogesay mascot: a small black – and – white ghost, shaped like a slug, with a mischievous grin.


More seriously though

Frogesay is a continuation of Kratzen in design, interface, and occasionally function. Where it differs greatly is in its purpose, featuring topics of arbitrary discussion, focuses on reviews of cinema instead of games, and is a place where I can dump all my ideas into one tidy place. In this respect, the look and feel is like Kratzen, but the form and function is like Froghand. The ability to feature full – colour photos is borrowed from 10kB gallery, and the typeface is spiffy like that of Degenerates. Truly, everyone is here.

It’s not strictly a review site nor is it strictly a blog. It focuses on the arts, but it’s not confined solely to that topic. It’s about what I think of the world we live in, but the topics aren’t boring. It’s my show, and I’m running it out of a black – and – white world! I would have written this plug on the day it actually launched, but I forgot.

I could go on about it, but like everything I make, it must be seen to be seen. So, do it:

Text content. Header: “Frogesay”. Subheader: “But mostly he just raged.”

And we also have a cute rabbit!